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We are inviting You to take advantage of another Kitesafari from our offer: Kitesafari by a luxury motor yacht on the Red Sea from 27.05 (Saturday) – 03.06.2022 (Saturday) and 03.06 (Saturday) – 10.06.2022 (Saturday)

  • Fly from anywhere in the world!
  • Kitesurfing courses from beginning
  • Pro Camps 
  • Rescue
  • Swimming with the dolphins
  • Professional photographer on board 
  • Great atmosphere
  • Intro diving (20 min.) in the price of the trip
  • Yoga
  • Testing Duotone Equipment


weather conditions

our spots

  • Tawilla
  • Siyul Kebira
  • Ashrafi
  • Geisum - West
  • Geisum - Bay
+ availability of rescue

Trip details

There is possible package trip which you can spend anytime at hotel before or after Kitesafari!


SATURDAY MAY 27th, 2023
Accommodation on the boat on Saturday 27th May. For most of you, arrival in Egypt at the airport in Hurghada on Saturay 28th May and transfer to Marina (approx 30 min).

Everyone should be on the boat before 3.30 pm, we set off to sea on the same day and we sail to the first spot. There are no flights from Poland to Hurghada on Saturdays. Possibility of early arrival and choice of package trip (hotel + Kitesafari).

SUNDAY MAY 28th, 2022 – FRIDAY June 02nd, 2023

We sail between the islands and spots located in the northern part of the Red Sea In June, the tourist traffic (read other boats) in this reservoir is still low compared to September and October and we can always look for a spot suitable for the group to get the impression that it is only us and the nature that surrounds us. Often we can meet dolphins on the route, and on windless days we can lap them with them. For those willing, it is also possible to dive intro (for people without certificates, about 20 minutes descent into the water with a certified diver) or regular dives with an instructor who knows the water (for people with a diving certificate). But, of course, the most important for us will be kitesurfing sessions at spots selected by us and, if possible, downwinds between the islands. On Friday evening, time on the boat combined with viewing photos and discussing impressions from Kitesafari.

We also invite you to the Pro Camp with our experienced instructor Aleksander Lewandowski.


SATURDAY June 3rd, 2023

Possible early kite session before breakfast 7.00 breakfast. The boat sails to the port of Hurghada 10:00 – 11:00 we arrive at the port in Hurghada, we have lunch on the boat Finish with Kitesafari after lunch.

For departing on Sunday, transfer and overnight to a 5 * hotel in Hurghada (option additionally payable), as well as time to recap and discuss Kitesafari impressions

SUNDAY June 4th, 2023

Breakfast and departure to the airport for those arriving on Sunday June 19th

The cruise itinerary is indicative and can be changed.





Yacht Sea Story / Kite Safari ENGLISH

from 1 380 EUR/ person

kitesurfing courses


Group course, package of 10 h / PLN 1600 per person, in a group of 2 (Group training possible only if people are of similar skill level and approximate weight)

Individual training 230 PLN / 1h Rescue – included


  • Instructor
  • Training under the supervision of a certified IKO instructor
  • Kitesurfing equipment, Accessories 

Pro Camp – Kitesafari – PLN 1200

EQUIPMENT RENTAL: Set: kite + board + harness- PLN 1,500 (1 week)

Only board – PLN 500 (1 week)

Prices of additional attractions:

Diving (for certified divers) One dive: 50 Euro including equipment

Diving (for uncertified divers) intro 20 min (depth 5 to 7 m) – INCLUDED with all equipment


sports attractions


The salt seas have one more important advantage, namely, due to the higher salinity, it is much easier to stay afloat – and this makes perfect conditions for snorkeling. Thanks to the mask, snorkel and fins, we stay afloat and freely observe what is happening under the water.

During your stay in Kitesafari you will also be able to enjoy this attraction


In addition to the perfect conditions for kiteboarding, Kitesafari on a yacht also gives us the opportunity to take advantage of another water attraction, i.e. diving. Well-preserved coral reefs make it an ideal place for both beginners and more advanced divers.


Diving (for certified divers): One dive: 30 Euro, Equipment rental per week: 45 Euro Diving (for uncertified divers): intro 20 min (5 to 7 m deep) – 40 EURO




After an active day on the water, you can take advantage of another attraction offered by the yacht crew during KITESAFARI,

Massage prices:

Body massage 30min – 25 Euro

Body massage 60min – 35 Euro

Foot massage 50min – 30 Euro

Important information


The visa fees are USD 25 (single visa) or USD 35 (multiple visa). Tourist visas are issued for a period of 30 days. The passport should be valid for at least 6 months after the planned trip end date.

Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Cairo 5 Aziz Osman, Zamalek, Egypt, Cairo, Telephone: +20 227 367 456 Fax: +20227355427 E-mail: www:


There is no obligation to vaccinate. However, it is good to get vaccinated against hepatitis A and B prophylactically. During your stay in Egypt, you should follow the strict rules of hygiene: wash your hands frequently, drink boiled or original bottled water and wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly. You should be especially careful when eating meals, especially in the first days of your stay in Egypt, because we may experience gastrointestinal disorders. The level of medical services varies greatly. In addition to the relatively numerous, very expensive clinics and hospitals of international renown, Egypt has a network of public health care facilities that differ in terms of service levels from European standards. Lack of own funds is tantamount to the inability to benefit from any medical care.


The official currency of Egypt is the Egyptian Pound – LE. (1 LE is divided into 100 piastres). 1 Egyptian pound is around 0.22 gr (August 2018). The most popular currency on the spot, apart from the pound mentioned, and at the same time giving the most favorable conversion rate, is the US dollar (USD). The currency should be exchanged in exchange offices, bank branches, it is not recommended to exchange money at street traders. You can exchange money at the airport. It is best to exchange money on an ongoing basis, as needed – if we do not spend all the pounds in most places, it is not possible to convert them back to another currency


General security

In short, we can say „It is better to let go of relatively safe resorts, cities and other attractions in the interior of the country.” The complicated political and economic situation made the Egyptian authorities tighten their security measures. The peace, health and life of tourists is guarded by armed soldiers, who can be seen in places attractive for tourists. Traveling tourists on the roads is accompanied by military convoys. Therefore, we advise against driving in Egypt with a rented car. Theft is the biggest problem in resorts, so in crowded places we should pay special attention to our luggage and wallets. Do not carry more money or credit cards with you – it is better to leave them in the hotel safe.

Information for drivers

Theoretically, the road traffic rules in Egypt are similar to those in force in Poland and throughout Europe, but they are not controlled. Also, a driving license is easier to get here than in Poland. Therefore, hardly any Egyptian motorist bothers with traffic regulations. For many of them, speed limits and traffic rules are completely foreign concepts, but they frequently use their horns.

Religion and customs

In Egypt, over 90% of the population is Muslim, Sunni. Foreigners should adhere to certain standards, especially when visiting religious sites. There are no special moral restrictions in Egypt, but it should be remembered that Muslim customs determine the life of an average Egyptian to a great extent, therefore it is particularly important to respect the way of life of its inhabitants and the values ​​professed by them during their stay in this country. goes to pay attention, among others on the outfit in which we show ourselves on the street. Therefore, it is not recommended – apart from tourist facilities – to wear short skirts, shorts and beachwear. It is also inappropriate for men to wear short pants. During contacts with local people, women should wear clothes that cover the arms and legs up to the knees. It should also be remembered that women without the company of men may be exposed to harassment from the local population. Men and women do not kiss in the street or show affection other than by holding hands. It is a matter of culture and religion, but it is also forbidden to do so because of the law in force. Homosexuality is illegal – sexual acts between men are punishable by long imprisonment. For each service, the Egyptian will count on a tip – the so-called bakshish. It is not allowed to photograph government facilities (e.g. military posts, residences of state dignitaries) as well as infrastructure facilities (e.g. bridges and ports).

Time zoneexpand+

Time zone: UTC +2. Time in Egypt does not differ from summer time in Poland but differs by 1 hour when it is winter time in our country.




There are no problems with electricity in Egypt. The voltage is 220V and the frequency is 50Hz. Wall sockets in most cases resemble European ones. There are also slightly smaller sockets, but then you should buy an appropriate adapter, you can buy it in a store or at a roadside dealer. Power outages are rare and usually concern small towns. Sometimes there are also voltage fluctuations in these places.